Everybody is welcome to come and join us at the Safari Park Epi House. There are all types of work for everyone. As a member of SDES it is a great opportunity to learn, have fun, and become involved in your Society.

Step 1 – Be a member of SDES

All people volunteering at the Safari Park or Zoo must go through this process as required by the San Diego Zoological Society.

Step 2 – Sign up at http://www.sandiegozoo.org/volunteer/

Select any of the 4 choices, then, click on “Apply Online here”.
Complete the information requested and in 2 areas you should
The first place is: Availability there is a box asking – “At which location would you like to volunteer?”
The second is: the very last box asking – “Please indicate your area(s) of interest.”

Alternate Step 2 – If you do not have Internet access you can sign up by calling
Carrie Hrvatin, Volunteer Coordinator for the Zoological Society of San Diego 619-231-1515 ext. 4030.

Step 3 – Submit two (2) letters of reference to Carrie Hrvatin.
Step 4 – You will then be sent information to sign up to attend an orientation.
Select the date that is best for you and RSVP to the staff.

Step 5 – Attend the orientation at the Safari Park or Zoo

Step 6 – Come and join us at the Epi House at one of the work parties.