Forgotten Epies

As part of our mission to preserve epi hybrids, the collection at the Safari Park is interested in finding lost or forgotten epis. This is an on going project of the ESA Research Committee.
This list is published in the interest of research. These epi hybrids have not been seen (displayed) in years. If you are growing one of these hybrids, please let Jerry Moreau, SDES, or Galen Pittman, ESA, know.
These gentlemen oversee the public display houses– Jerry, at the Safari Park in Escondido, CA and Galen, at the Pentico Collection at the Los Angeles County Arbore-tum in Arcadia, CA.
This is not a complete list and will be updated as hybrids are found and others lost.
Thank you for taking the time reviewing this list.

‘Alice Sargent’ – CP 1943 Soft reddish pink inner petals. Outer petals deeper reddish pink. {L}

‘Alina Katherine’ – SPK c.1975 Red inner petals with reddish-orange outer petals. Bell form. {L}

‘Amber Waves’ – ES(VIF) 1983 Coral inner petals with a fuchsia throat. Outer petals not described. Double, cup and saucer form. Thick, flat growth. {L}

‘Anita’ – ES(ANDREE) 1983 Purple with orange midstripe. Loose, double, cup and saucer form. Thick, flat growth. {L}

‘Araby’ – FOB c.1955 Light purple inner petals with a red midstripe. Outer petals red. {L} ‘Pegasus’ × ‘Annie P. Williams’

‘Astro De Oro’ – FOB52AP1 1956 Orange inner and outer petals. Loose form. {XL} ‘Toucan’ × ‘Pride of Bell’.

‘Bill Andree’ – WC(HST) 1981 Ruffled inner petals of golden orange with a lighter gold midstripe. Opens wide. Winter blooming. {L} ‘Wonderful One’ × ‘Happy Thoughts’.

‘Black Butterfly’ – FOB(STEP) c.1955 Dark purple, ruffled. Outer purple and rose. {L}

‘Bob-O-Link’ – TMM c.1945 Coral-pink. Free flowering. Bell form. {M} ‘Deutsche Kaiserin’ Ex Nat.

‘Bountiful’ – BHM 1958 Bright dark purple with lighter edge. Outer petals purple with red midstripe. Three rows of full petals. Narrow flat, triangular and cylindrical growth. {L} ‘Adonis’ Ex Nat.

‘Burma’ – FOB50D 1956 Dark purple with lighter edge, orange midstripe. {L} ‘Jörg Siepke’ Ex Nat.

‘Canadian Love’ – AB 1981 Lavender-pink with darker throat and dark cerise edge. Double cup and saucer form. {S} ‘Stuck Up’ × ‘Sweet Kisses’.

‘Canadian Mosaic’ – AB(HST) 1985 Coral pink, darker midstripe. Outer salmon rose. Overlapping bell shape form. Flat basket growth. {S}

‘Canadian Ruffles’ – DENN 1954 Violet with orange midstripe. Outer petals orange. Blooms late. {XL} ‘Cooperi’ Ex Nat

‘Carlsbad’ – RWP c.1940 Pastel red and purple. {XL} ‘Eden’ × ‘Hermosissimus’

‘Cinnabar’ – EC(HKS) 1970 Magenta. Outer petals red. Open funnel form. {L}

‘Circe’ – FOB52Q1 1955 Apricot, violet edge. Opens flat. {L} ‘Anton Günther’ × ‘Rajah’
‘Clarence Bright’ – EC c.1970 Magenta, darker midstripe. Outer petals red. Cup shape form. {M}

‘Color My World’ – ES(VIF) 1983 Fuchsia with lavender edge. Outer dark reddish-purple. Double bell form. Thick, flat growth. {M}

‘Coopermannii’ – WORS 1901 Lavender. Outer petals darker. Full Petaled. Opens wide. {L} ‘Cooperi’ × Disocactus ackermannii.

‘Cosmic Wind’ – KBY 1982 Solid dark pink. Overlapping funnel form. {M} ‘Thunder Cloud’ × ‘Argus’.

‘Courantii’ – COUR (SIM) 1897 (FAW) 1898 Three roes of soft, salmon-pink petals with darker pink midstripe and lighter edges. Opens flat. Fragrant. {L}

‘Crepe Feathers’ – HATH(HST) 1978 Solid red. Double bell form. {XL}

‘Crown Prince’ – One tone purple. Double. {L}

‘Cuthbert’ – FOB52F3B(BHM) 1957 Bright off-pink. Some ruffled edges. Cup form. {M-L} ‘Welcome’ × ‘Beethoven’.

‘Dancing Girl’ – KBY 1980 Pink. Cup form, inner double, outer petals wheel shaped. Tall growth. {L} Reg. #09692

‘Dancing Princess’ – KBY 1980 Three rows petals, inner magenta, others bright red. Double funnel form. {XL} Reg. #09696

‘Dancing Waters’ – STEP c.1960 Purple, red midstripe. Outer petals purple. {XL} Reg. #07388

‘Early Dawn’ – KBY 1982 Solid dark orange. Loose double funnel form. Tall growth. {M} ‘Mount Rainier’ Ex Nat

‘Edge Of Night’ – KMCC(CGEM) 1978 Dark purple. Lavender to nearly white ruffled edges. Fragrant. {XL}

‘Eloquence’ – FOB52J3 1956 Fuchsia purple. Open cup form. {L} ‘Bo-Peep’ × ‘Phosphor’.

‘Emir’ – FOB50D 1956 Iridescent orange with a purple edge. (Formerly named ‘Eros’.) {L} ‘Jörg Siepke’ Ex Nat

‘Ensemble’ – STL 1940 Pink with a rose throat. {L}

‘Evening Time’ – KBY 1983 Red-orange with magenta edge. Outer red-orange. Overlapping cup and saucer form. Flat basket growth. {XL} ‘Banshee’ × Unidentified white epicactus

‘Fabiola’ – ES(BEU) 1980 Orange-red with fuchsia throat. Cup and saucer form. {M}

‘Faschra Deutre’ – PATTS(VIF) 1985 Soft orange with tan variegations, ruffled violet edge. Outer orange, recurve. Overlapping bell form. Thick, flat, clean growth. {L}

‘Fatima’ – SHF c.1955 Light red with streaks of buff. {L}

‘Fiery Sunset’ – KBY 1983 Bright red entire. Overlapping funnel form. Tall, flat and triangular growth. {L} Unidentified orange epicactus × ‘Mount Rainier’


‘Fifi’ – CLDG(HST) 1964 One tone intense rose-pink. Five rows of petals, first three cupped forward, pointed. {L}

‘Fire Engine’ – KBY 1980 All red entire. Double bell form. Tall growth. {L} ‘Mount Rainier’ Ex Nat.

Fire Wagon’ – KBY 1980 Bright orange. Overlapping funnel form. Tall growth. {L} ‘Mount Rainier’

‘Florentine’ – EC(HKS) c.1975 Orchid with darker midstripe. Outer rhodamine. {L}

‘Fondu’ – MEND c.1965 Pink-orange with darker edge. Double bell form. Triangular growth. {M}

‘Frau Hanna Lohse’ – KN#97 c.1935 Broad, waxy textured, salmon-crimson petals have violet edges. Outer petals amber with yellow tips. Loose, saucer (wheel) form. {XL}

‘Front Page’ – BHM c.1950 Magenta-rose with rose throat. Petals different lenghts. {L}

‘Frosted Raspberry’ – BHM(HST) 1986 Unusual flower in bud form, tips show lighter shade lavender. 2nd row petals darker shade. Some inner petals crinkled. Outer petals dark red. Double cup and saucer form. Thick, flat & triangular growth. {L} Reg. #10366

‘Frosty Rose’ – BHM c.1950 Deep purplish-rose with yellow throat. Sepals flare. {L} Reg. #07664

‘Galaxy’ – FOB52AM15 1957 White. Edges and outer petals yellow. Crimped petals. {XL} ‘Thorinne’ × ‘Madonna’. Reg. #05919.

‘Genevra Reed’ – LMD(HST) 1994 Peach tones overcast with fuchsia, lavender pink throat. Second row yellow overcast in peachy tones. Outer petals tannish green. Overlapping, wide petals. Flat basket growth. {L} ‘Deutschland’ × ‘Otto Schmid’. Reg. #11596

‘Genius’ – FOB52AQ35 1957 Purple with red striping. Outer dark red. Opens flat. {L} ‘Pegasus’ × ‘Annie P. Williams’

‘Georgy Girl’ – KBY 1979 Light magenta. Outer red. Pink style. Broad funnel form. {M} ‘Mount Rainier’ Ex Nat. Reg. #09303

‘Germain’ – WC×117(HKS) 1978 Two shades lilac-pink with cream midstripe. Cup form. {L} ‘Blazon’ × ‘Pink Jeroma’ Reg. #06699.

‘Ginger’ – ES(VIF) c.1980 Reddish orange. Fuchsia edge in throat. Pointed petals. Wheel shaped funnel form. Thick, branched growth. {XL} Reg. #09771

‘Glamour’ – FOB52AJ4 1957 Lilac-pink with much lighter edge, dark rose tips, rounded. Outer petals long, flaring. Wide open cup. {M} ‘Pride of Bell’ × ‘Rajah’. Reg. #05915.

‘Glamour’ – CI c.1960 Red with orange. Dwarf growth habit.

‘Glass Slipper’ – FOB52A3 1957 White, transparent. Outer pale yellow-green with pink midstripe. Bell form. {M-L} ‘Paul de Longpre’ × ‘Annie P. Williams’. Reg. #08456

‘Glinda Of Oz’ – KBY 1986 Magenta with red-orange midstripe. 2nd row dark orange. Outer petals magenta. Stamens pale pink, style pink. Overlapping, bell shaped form. Thick & tall, flat growth. {L} White epicactus, unidentified × ‘Dr. Werdermann’. Reg. #10323

‘Gold Hill’ – LEE NIPP(VIF) 1985 Soft orange, outer orange. Overlapping bell form. Thick flat growth. {L} ‘Padre’ Sport. Reg. #10275

‘Golden Glow’ – CP 1946 White with yellow tips. Outer petals yellow. Waxy. Fragrant. {XL} Reg. #07747

‘Golden Harvest’ – FOB52AP2 1957 Orange with iridescent purple throat. Wide open bell form. {XL} ‘Toucan’ × ‘Pride of Bell’. Reg. #07749.

‘Golly-Gee’ – KBY 1982 Solid red. Loose double cup and saucer form. Tall growth. {XL} ‘Fever’ × ‘Mount Rainier’. Reg. #09926

‘Great One’ – KBY 1985 Inner row solid pink, second row dark pink with orange midstripe. Outer magenta with orange midstripe. Double cup shape form. Thick flat growth. {L} Reg. #10261

‘Gretna’ – EC(HKS) c.1975 Violet with lighter throat. Outer petals orange-red. {L} Reg. #06234

‘Helen G. Wallace’ – LMD c.1965 Red with fuchsia edges. {XL} ‘Deutschland’ × ‘Otto Schmid’. Reg. #07823

‘Hula Moon’ – FOB50D49 1956 Dark orange with orange-red edges. {L} ‘Jörg Siepke’ Ex Nat. Reg. #07864.

‘Ice Cap’ – BHM 1948 White with green throat. Outer petals China rose. Orange blossom fragrance. {S} Reg. #05001

‘Ice Follies’ – BHM 1977 White. Wide, ruffled petals. Full petaled, double. Opens wide. {XL} Reg. #06464

‘Indian Princess’ – KBY 1980 Magenta with orange midstripe. Outer petals magenta. Double bell form. Thick growth. {L} Reg. #09700

‘Irene Lockhart’ NOT IN DIRECTORY

Irish Linen’ – WC(HST) 1988 Off white flower resembling linen cloth. Back petals yellow-amber. Overlapping and double, bell shaped form. Thick, flat growth. {L} ‘Lemon Custard’ × ‘Reward’. Reg. #10560. ×047

‘Ivory Gown’ – WC×047(HST) 1981 Light yellow. Outer petals darker. Ruffled petals. Overlapping, cup and saucer form. {M} ‘Lemon Custard’ × ‘Reward’. Reg. #09864.

‘Jennifer K.’ – KBY 1979 Orange-red. Funnel form. Upright flat and triangular growth. {L} Reg. #08786

‘Jimmy K.’ – KBY 1983 Pink with magenta midstripe, outer red-orange. Double funnel form. Tall, flat and triangular growth. {L} ‘Thunder Cloud’ × ‘Argus’. Reg. #10067

‘John F. Kennedy’ – MEND c.1965 Purplish-red with dark orange midstripe. Opens wide. (Often sold as ‘J.F.K.’.) {XL} ‘Johanna Attenhofer’ × ‘Professor Ebert’. Reg. #05888

‘Joielean’ – WMS c.1955 Dark orange with lighter midstripe. Narrow, separated petals. {XL} Reg. #07937

‘Judith K.’ – KBY 1979 Inner and outer petals all orange. Cup form. Flat, thick growth. {L} ‘Mount Rainier’ Ex Nat. Reg. #09305

‘June Bells’ – BHM c.1950 One tone dark orange. Cup and saucer form. Basket growth. {S} Reg. #07960

‘Kami’ – PARK/WC(HKS) c.1975 Orange with darker edge. Trumpet form. Upright, three-and-four-angled growth. {S} Reg. #06241


‘La Compana’ – RWP 1941 One tone deep Indian orange. Crepe like texture. Opens flat. {XL} Reg. #05632

‘Lackneri’ – DL 1926 Coral red. Deep red throat. Extra wide petals. Open cup and saucer form. Fragrant. {L} Reg. #08020

‘Largo’ – FOB52AC3 1956 Coral to azalea pink. Broad, crinkled and ruffled petals. {M} ‘Madonna’ × ‘Cup of Day’. Reg. #05537

‘Latona’ – STL 1937 Lilac to cerise. Outer petals mauve to orchid-pink. {L} Reg. #05738

‘Lemon Drop’ – EC(BHM) 1977 Yellow with lighter throat. Bronze outer petals. {M} ‘Reward’ × ‘Gold Seal’. Reg. #08048

‘Liberty Velma’ – CARR 1983 Orange-red with darker midstripe, edge lilac tones. Ruffled. Outer red, dark orange midstripe. Overlapping, opens wide. Flat basket growth. {L} ‘Liberty Glow’ × ‘Reward’. Reg. #09990

Little Gem’ – EC(BHM) c.1975 Bright reddish-orange. Pointed petals. Rosette form. Basket growth. {S} ‘Mimi’ × ‘Rosetta’

‘Lois M. Davies’ – LMD c.1965 Orange-amber with violet throat. {L} ‘Ensemble’ × ‘Sherman E. Beahm’. Reg. #05950

‘Lois O.’ – BHM 1978 White, ruffled. Outer petals bronze. Double cup and saucer form. Fragrant. {XL} Reg. #06467

‘Love In Bloom’ – DIT Salmon-orange with violet.

‘Madge’ – ES(MN) 1980 Fuchsia with purple. Outer petals red. Petals crinkled and ruffled. Double, opens wide. {L} Reg. #09660

‘Madonna’ – STL 1937 White. Outer petals lemon yellow. Broad petals. Ruffled. Opens wide. {L} Reg. #08158

‘Mae Marsh’ – FOB50A13 1956 Iridescent peach-pink overlaid with lavender. {M-L} ‘Dr. A.D. Houghton’ Ex Nat. Reg. #06125

‘Margo’ – KBY 1980 Dark red. Double funnel form. Tall growth. {L} ‘Mount Rainier’ × ‘Ackermannii Hybridus’. Reg. #09701

‘Mexicanus’ – (SRD) 1845 (BR&R) c.1893 Salmon rose to salmon coral with cerise tones in throat. Narrow petals. Fragrant. Waxy green growth. (Also sold as ‘Rodet’.) {M-L} Disocactus speciosus × Disocactus phyllanthoides

‘Mims T.’ – FRE 1979 Solid Dresden yellow. Broad overlapping petals. {L} ‘Pink Jeroma’ × ‘Discovery’. Reg. #08575

‘Misty Laurel’ – CARR 1983 Reddish purple with lilac edge. Outer reddish, lighter midstripe. Loose double funnel form. {M} Reg. #09991

‘Mitzie O.’ – ES(BEU) 1979 Lavender to purple with red midstripe. Overlapping cup and saucer form. {L} Reg. #09386

‘Mojave Sunrise’ – KBY 1982 Orange. Outer red-orange. Double cup and saucer form. Tall or basket growth. {XL} Reg. #09921

‘Mr. C’ – WC(HST) 1985 Pale peach with green. Outer petals green, white & pink. Overlapping, wide form. Flat & triangular basket growth. {XL} (‘Hazel Ruppe’ × ‘Blazon’), unnamed × (Disocactus speciosus ssp. blomianus × ‘Pink Jeroma’), unnamed. Reg. #10282

‘Mount Saint Helens’ – KBY 1980 Magenta with orange-red midstripe. Second row orange-red. Greenish-white throat. {L}

‘Muneca’ – TMM(COX) c.1969 Red-orange. Free flowering. Compact growth. {S} Reg. #08338

‘O’Golly’ – KBY 1981 Solid bright red. Overlapping, bell from. Thick growth. {L} ‘Mount Rainier’ Ex Nat. Reg. #09792

Oakleigh Starlight NOT IN DIRECTORY


‘Orange Drops’ – KBY 1983 Orange with magenta throat. Outer orange. Double cup form. Thick flat growth. {XL} Reg. #10049

‘Orange Queen’ – (ABN) c.1985 Light orange. narrow funnel form. Aporophyllum type

‘Orange Queen’ – Bright orange with purple edge. Wide petals. {L}

‘Orchid Masterpiece’ – FB(HST) 1987 Magenta purple with deeper center stripe. Outer petals in a deep red purple. Overlapping, cup and saucer form. Flat and triangular basket growth. {XL} ‘Space Rocket’ × ‘Reward’. Reg. #10466

‘Pacemaker’ – BHM c.1950 Orange with red midstripe and wide purple edge. Outer petals dark red with orange midstripe. Ruffled. {L} ‘Pride of Bell’ × ‘Fluffy Ruffles’. Reg. #05717

‘Pagliacci’ – FOB50H91 1956 White with green throat and folded tips. Narrow outer petals are greenish-white. Double form. {M-L} ‘Harmony’ Ex Nat. Reg. #06084.

‘Paiute Brave’ – KBY 1981 First row light magenta. Second row magenta. Outer petals orange-red, reflexed. Overlapping, bell form. Basket growth. {L} ‘Thunder Cloud’ × ‘Argus’. Reg. #09795

‘Pink Angel’ – WC×117 (HST) 1980 Pale pink. Throat and outer petals rose pink. Opens wide. {M-L} ‘Blazon’ × ‘Pink Jeroma’ Reg. #09703

‘Pink Fantasy’ – FOB54AE18(BHM) 1977 Light Venetian pink. Outer petals darker. Broad, pointed petals. {XL} ‘Sunny Dawn’ × ‘Sun Goddess’. Reg. #06465.

‘Princeling’ – FOB52Y3 1956 Bright purple with wide red midstripe. Ruffled, folded petals. {M-L} ‘Prince Charming’ × ‘Bo Peep’. Reg. #08613

‘Princess Emma’ – FOB52AU 1952 Pink. Basket growth. {S} ‘Bohemienne’-TMM Ex Nat. Reg. #05997

‘Queen Lamoni’ – LMD c.1965 Pale pink with darker midstripe. Wide petals, opens wide. {S} ‘Deutsche Kaiserin’ × ‘Fatima’. Reg. #08647

‘Radiant Light’ – TMM c.1945 Pale red with white throat. Outer petals red. Cup and saucer form. {L} Reg. #08660

‘Radiant Light Sport’ – TMM(EC) c.1970 Red with white throat and veining. Outer petals red. Ruffled. {L}

‘Rajah’ – WMS 1952 Deep purple entire. Formerly ‘Ceiling’ {M} Reg. #05993

‘Raspberry Sherbet’ – FB(HST) c.1985 Lavender with magenta edge. Outer magenta. Overlapping cup and saucer form. Flat and triangular basket growth. {M} ‘Young April’ × ‘Lilliput’. Reg. #10033

‘Red Bird’ – KBY 1986 Orange-red with pink throat. Outer petals orange-red. Stamens pale magenta, style magenta. Double, cup and saucer form. Tall, flat & triangular. {XL} Unidentified white epicactus × Unidentified orange epicactus. Reg. #10331

‘Red Comet’ – KBY 1984 Iridescent magenta. Outer petals red. Double, funnel form. Tall, flat and triangular growth. {L} Unidentified orange epicactus × ‘Mount Rainier’. Reg. #10137

‘Red Hawk’ – KBY 1983 Red with irridescent magenta throat. Loose double funnel form. Flat basket growth. {XL} ‘Banshee’ × Unidentified white epicactus. Reg. #10041

‘Red Wing’ – TMM 1941 Chinese red. Broad, rounding petals. Outer petals radiating. Cup and saucer form. {XL} Reg. #08694

‘Reflection’ – FOB50C 1956 Rose-purple. Outer petals bright purple. Full petaled. Open, forward cup form. {L} ‘Professor Ebert’ Ex Nat. Reg. #05813.

‘Renee’ – LEE(HKS) 1977 Cream-white. Outer petals greenish white. Funnel form. {L} Reg. #06419

‘Rio Rita’ – FOB50D30 1955 Soft reddish-orange. {L} ‘Jörg Siepke’ Ex Nat.

‘Robin Hood’ – SHF 1954 Orange-red. Irregular funnel form. {XL} Reg. #08718

‘Rolice’ – RICHERT One tone dark red. Double. Red buds slow opening. Flat and triangular basket growth. {M} Reg. #08722

‘Rose Blush’ – STL 1938 Old rose with blue cast, light tan midstripe. {L} Reg. #05604

‘Roseus Superbus’ – (FORS) 1846 (FAW)1898 (HAAGE) 1900 Delicate rosy pink. Early bloomer, very floriferous. (Also sold as ‘Rosea Superba’.) {M} Reg. #05571

‘Ruby Star’ – BHM c.1950 Rose-red. Narrow petals. Trumpet form. {S-M} Reg. #05686

‘Ruth’ – CP c.1950 Striped orange. {L}

‘Ruth Ellen Goforth’ – KMCC(CGEM) 1978 Orange with yellow sheen in throat. Wide petals, heavy texture. {XL} Reg. #06740

‘San Marino’ – Red, touch of purple in throat. Broad petals, cup form. Outer petals narrow, stiff and radiating. {L}

‘Santana’ – KBY 1979 Solid pink. Loose funnel form. {M-L} Reg. #08788

‘Saracen’ – CI/WC(HKS) 1977 Three shades red-orange with rhodamine purple edge. Outer petals light and dark orange-red. Bowl form. Wide, flat, scalloped and ruffled growth. {L} Reg. #06424


‘Shadowland’ – FOB50A66(BHM) 1956 Dark orange with purple throat. Broad petals, opens wide. {M} ‘Dr. A.D. Houghton’ Ex Nat. Reg. #06288.

‘Shell Beach’ – (VIF) 1978 Reddish-orange. Wide petals, flaring funnel form. Triangular growth. {XL} Reg. #06594

‘Shelly’ – KBY 1979 Dark pink. Upright growth, thick, triangular. Fragrant. {L} Reg. #08789

‘Shining Armour’ – CLDG 1948 Carmine-rose with darker throat. Outer petals orange. {L} Reg. #05247

‘Show Stopper’ – EC(BHM) c.1975 Bright violet. Outer petals a blend of red and violet. Opens wide. Broad overlapping petals. Heavy bloomer. {L} ‘Marseillaise’ Ex Nat. Reg. #08864

‘Skylab’ – KBY 1979 Dark pink with magenta edge. Outer petals bright red. Funnel form. Flat and triangular growth. {M-L} Reg. #08792

‘Smello Swello’ – SPK 1977 White. Outer petals pale yellow-green. Double bell form. Tall growth. Fragrant. {M-L} Reg. #06651

‘Snow Drift’ – GFB 1989 Creamy white. Outer petals pale green, long narrow. Double, opens wide. Stamens cascade, style pale green. Triangular basket growth. {M} ‘Toucan’ × ‘Frances Tegelberg’. Reg. #10595

‘Song Of The Desert’ – KBY 1983 Pink. Outer dark pink. Double cup and saucer form. Small, flat and triangular growth. {L} ‘Thunder Cloud’ × ‘Argus’. Reg. #10069

‘Sonoma Dawn’ – KBY 1979 White with pink. Outer petals pink to dark red. Tightly overlapping cup form. Fragrant. {L} Reg. #08790

‘Saint Francis’ – KBY 1980 Pink, second row magenta, outer petals red with orange midstripe. Double bell form. {M} ‘Argus’ × ‘Thunder Cloud’. Reg. #09705

‘Sultry Siren’ – FOB52E(TDH) 1952 Dusky red-orange with dark violet edge. {L} ‘Orion’ Ex Nat. Reg. #06059.

‘Sunset Glow’ – KBY 1984 Solid pink. Overlapping cup and saucer. Flat basket growth. {L} ‘Professor Ebert’ × Unidentified white epicactus. Reg. #10145

‘Super Nova’ – KBY 1980 Inner petals red-orange with lavender edges and base, crumpled and folded. Outer petals pale orange with darker edge. Open, funnel form. Basket form. {L} ‘Buckaroo’ Ex Nat. Reg. #09709

‘Supersonic’ – WC×020(HST) 1978 Milk white. Outer petals tan. Wide, ruffled petals. {XL} ‘Tzigane’ × ‘Reward’ Reg. #06481.

‘Susan K.’ – KBY 1979 Iridescent pink. Outer petals dark orange. Double bell form. Upright triangular growth. {M-L} Reg. #08793

‘Sweet Song’ – FOB52AQ43 1957 Rose-pink with whitish throat. Outer petals orange-pink. Crepe-like texture. {XL} ‘Pegasus’ × ‘Annie P. Williams’. Reg. #05613.

‘Taxco Silver’ – HATH(STEP) c.1955 Silvery pink with lighter throat. Outer petals darker. Wide open cup form. {XL} Reg. #06154

‘Teddy Bear’ – KBY 1980 Red. Outer petals red-orange. Overlapping cup form. Basket growth. {L} Reg. #09710

‘Thalia’ – (English) Purple. Outer petals yellow. (WEIN – Bluish-red.)
‘Thalia’ – (French) Red with purple.
‘Thalia’ – (HST) c.1980 Bright pink. Each row of petals darker & longer, shading to deep rose outer petals. (From Spain) {L}
‘Thalia’ – CLDG 1942 Paper white. Outer petals yellow-beige. Reg. #06055

‘Tiara’ – FOB50F29 1955 Two shades deep purple. Outer petals darker purple. Pointed petals. {M-L} ‘Eleonora Prochaska’. Ex Nat. Reg. #09079.

‘Tickled Pink’ – BHM 1979 Medium magenta with lighter magenta edge. Outer petals darker. Ruffled. Double cup and saucer form. {S} Reg. #06602

‘Trader Horn’ – CP 1946 Salmon-red. Trumpet form, long tube. {L} Reg. #09112

‘Twilight Time’ – ES(VIF) 1983 Violet with lavender edge and orange midstripe. Wide open wheel form. Flat thick growth. {L} Reg. #10081
‘Tycoon’ – ES(VIF) 1977 Inner petals orangy midstripe, then fuchsia shading to lavender edge. Outer petals red with orange midstripe. Overlapping, wide open bell form. Stamens circle, pale pink style. Thick flat growth. {L} Reg. #09151

‘Valentine’ – CP 1960 Orange-red with purple throat. Overlapping, cup and saucer form. Thick 3-angled growth Also known as ‘Pete’s Valentine’. {L}
‘Valentine’ – FOB50D 1954 Solid orange. Broad wavy petals. {L} ‘Jörg Siepke’ Ex Nat.
‘Valentine’ – TMM 1946 All Chinese red. Broad, rounded petals. Opens flat. {L} Reg. #09164

‘Vamarie’ – EC(HKS) c.1977 Bright red with touch of fuchsia in throat. Flared funnel form. Opens wide. {M} Reg. #06269

‘Verne Harrison’ – FOB52AC26 1956 Innermost petals rose-red with ruffled, rhodamine-purple edges. Next row darker red with ruffled, rhodamine-purple edges. Outer petals deep red. Forward, open cup form. Originally registered as ‘Summer Day’. Reg. #5612. {L} ‘Madonna’ × ‘Cup of Day’ Reg. #05612.

‘Volcano’ – STL 1939 Dark orange with wide purple edge almost to tips. {L} Reg. #09198

‘Wanda’ – (STL) 1937 Salmon shaded coral pink. Open funnel form. Flower similar to ‘Mexicanus’ but smaller. (Also sold as ‘High Tide’). {S-M} ‘Mexicanus’. Ex Nat. Reg. #09206

‘Wanda K.’ – KBY 1980 Orange-red with magenta throat. Double funnel form. Basket growth. {L} ‘Professor Ebert’ Ex Nat. Reg. #09713

‘White Water’ – KBY 1980 White inner petals with bright yellow outer petals. Double bell form. Short tube. {L} ‘Reward’ × ‘Mount Rainier’. Reg. #09715

‘Wild Acclaim’ – FOB c.1955 Red-orange with purple edges. Ruffled, open cup form. {L} Reg. #05616

‘Woodwind’ – KBY 1980 Magenta with red outer petals. Overlapping funnel form. Tall growth. {L} ‘Mount Rainier’ × ‘Ackermannii Hybridus’ Reg. #09716