Epi House

WAP entrence 1There will be an epi sale at the Park on April 30 & May 1, 2016 9am – 6pm by the Plant Trader.

The epiphyllum house will be going under a transformation in the upcoming years. Here is a preliminary design for the new epi display – The Americas and Epiphyllum Garden

The members of SDES created and maintain the epi display house and the epiphyllum collection at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park . The epi display house is open from April to October. The display is the largest public display of epiphyllums in North America and may be the largest display in the world. The display houses both hybrids and species. The species include Epiphyllums and other related species such as Disocactus, Hylocereus, Rhipsalis, and Selenicereus. These plants are located in the front of the display house. This area will be going through a major transformation. The rest of the epi house is devoted to epi hybrids with their incredible flowers. There is an area in the back right of the epi house devoted to the hybrids of George French. He is one of the founding members of SDES and the epi display house.

WAP species RThe display house began at the Park in 1976 by the inspiration of one of the society’s member Howard Jones and Jim Gibson. (for more information about the history of the epi collection at the Park click on the link) With the help of many dedicated volunteers over the years the epi display has been ever growing and changing. Today there are over 1000 hybrids in the collection and many species. The society is always increasing the collection and highlighting our local hybridizers.

WAP species LTo support the display epi cuttings are sold at the Nairobi Plant Trader shop and at two sales held by the society at the Park.

The next epi sale will be April 30 & May 1, 2016 9am – 6pm at the Plant Trader.

The collection is dependent on these sales and donations to maintain and upgrade the collection. Please help us continue to keep this display going by making a donation on-line.
Thank you for all your support.